About the Courses

Institute of Medicine & Law is the only organization in India today that offers separate courses in medical laws to doctors and law professionals. The curriculum is comprehensive, current, and focussed on contemporary problems faced by the profession. These courses are designed to improve the analytical abilities of students and application of this knowledge in their day-to-day practice. This ensures that the students are better equipped and more responsive to professional challenges.

About Institute of Medicine & Law

Institute of Medicine & Law (IML) provides education, information, and services related to medical laws. IML’s information and analysis is real-time, accurate, actionable, and is delivered to doctors, hospitals, and lawyers on multiple platforms using the latest in technology. IML’s knowledge bank is comprehensive and continuously updated with the latest developments in medical laws. Today, in India, IML possesses the best resources in terms of professionals, information, and knowledge on medical laws and these are optimally utilised in providing legal solutions.

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