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IML offers courses designed to make doctors aware of the laws relating to medicine and precautions that should to be taken in their day-to-day practice to minimize MedLegal risks. Special emphasis is laid on appropriate response in case of medical mishaps and emergencies.

Every course is structured around pre-identified 'Do's & Don’ts' covering important aspects of the topic. The course content is 100% evidence based wherein professional errors are identified as well as illustrated only through 'real' cases from Indian courts.

Practicing doctors, interns, postgraduate students, final year MBBS students. Doctors and medical students who have done or are pursuing BDS, BHMS, BAMS or any other medical degree are ineligible for this course and should not apply.

Courses for doctors are broadly categorized into:

  1. Certificate Course

    This flagship course of the Institute of Medicine & Law intends to update doctors on the most important, relevant, and fundamental principles of laws applicable to medical practice. This course comprises of 6 modules, namely, Standard of Care, Duty of Care, Confidentiality, Consent, What is Medical Negligence, and Criminal Liability & Arrest of Doctors.

  2. Short Courses

    These courses are designed on specific topics of medical practice such as prescription or advising investigation.. Common mistakes committed by doctors and the legally correct way to perform these routine tasks are clearly laid down.

Comprehensive study material will be provided.

Students are evaluated by assignments which comprises of situation based questions and multiple choice answers.

Certificate Course

  • Certificate Course In Medicine & Law - For Doctors
  •   Duration:60 Days
  •   Fee: 9900/-
    (inclusive of GST)
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Testimonials ::    "Thanks for this type of opportunity given to us"- ROHIT KUNDAP, malegaon, Date: 24-Jan-2019,    "Nice initiative"- MEGHNA SHAH, Pune, Date: 24-Jan-2019,    "very good cousre"- Pankaj Gupta, SIRSA, Date: 01-Feb-2019,    "Good coverage of topics, But lot needs to be improved."- Raj Donthu, Andhra Pradesh, Date: 01-Feb-2019,    "Very good study materials."- CCDBD001232, Date: 03-Feb-2019,    "Nice topic and description available for medical and paramedic "- Ankur Masani, Vadodara, Date: 04-Feb-2019,    "I have given the exam and it says exam not given"- CCDBD001202, Date: 01-Mar-2019,    "Very good experience. Extensive coverage if medico legal issues pertinent to everyday practice. Helps in forming a clear idea about the law of the land as well as guides the physician through similar situations."- Abhra Mukhopadhyay, HOWRAH, Date: 01-Mar-2019,    "it was a wonderful course. it was very useful. explanations were simple with lots of examples. suggestions: 1. may be few sentences regarding advanced directive, living will, euthanasia can be added. 2. examples in which its mentioned like "hospital was not held negligent for this but for other reasons"...its better if what was the other reason is also mentioned there itself."- CCDBD001570, Coimbatore, Date: 02-Mar-2019,    "back office is worst.. no reply received to any of my mails queries till date. i have not been intimated about the results as well..not worth at all .. i will never recommend to any one , and will actively try to dissuade if anyone asks my experience"- Harishchandra Sakhare, PUNE, Date: 11-Mar-2019,    "Very well selected practical question ."- CDDRE525, Date: 17-Mar-2019,    "For my preliminary knowledge over medico legal issues has been clarified and finding myself more comfortable."- Shirsendu Das, Kolkata, Date: 20-Mar-2019,    "It is a very interesting & useful course. Every doctor needs such type of courses to be safe side in their regular practices."- CDDRE569, Kolkata, Date: 20-Mar-2019,    "Too good, refreshal must be continued "- CDDRE306, Pune, Date: 30-Mar-2019,    "Dear Sir, It would be better if an Hard copy of Completion Certificate is sent to each candidate. It would boost candidates and enhance confidence, even encourage other people for undertaking/ doing the course. Regards Dr(Lt Col) Sampath Kumar "- M S Sampath Kumar, Delhi, Date: 29-Apr-2019,    "Really good easy understand and every health care profestional should undergo this course "- Abhijit Trailokya, Thane, Date: 28-Jun-2019,    "Can include MCQ style pre- course assessment questions at the start of each module."- CCDBD001746, Kalyan, Date: 07-Jul-2019,    "The course has been an eye opener on medicolegal issues concerning clinical practice."- Anand Chellappan, Lucknow, Date: 14-Jul-2019,    "Helpful course"- CCDBD001737, Date: 14-Jul-2019,    "Joining this course has been of immense help to the various laws that a doctor needs to be aware of to save himself from unnecessary litigation. I think that medical law should be part of the curriculum of MBBS for the best interest of the future doctors."- AMITAVA CHAKRABORTY, Kolkata, Date: 18-Jul-2019,